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Thread: Desktop app to web app?

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    Default Desktop app to web app?

    I'm brand new to Alpha 5 and have a few questions. The way I understand this program, I can create a solution that could be a desktop app and easily convert it to a web app. Is this correct? If so, do you somehow change out what you will use for your database?

    Also, I need to create a web app and desktop app that allows the user to create their own letters and drop in fields like First Name, Last Name, etc. at the places in their letters they deem appropriate. Is this possible? Thank you for any help you can provide.

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    Yes, although "easily" will depend on you. You can take your desktop application and "extend" it to the web. Its the same database, and updates in either will be immediately available to both. To start, just go to the Web Projects tab, and play around (create a grid component first). Read about the Web Application Server and related items.

    You won't need to 'change out your database' unless you build a monstor database with a fantastic amount of records and ultra significant response time requirements.

    The "letters" are all created on the desktop side, but can then be called from the web side.

    None of this probably makes sense yet. So just the answer is Yes, and keep reading.
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