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Thread: Overwritten / Disappearing records

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    Default Overwritten / Disappearing records

    We have A5v1.0.2 running on XP machines in our small network. The applications we're using were originally created back in A4 for DOS, and ported over to A5. There are several different databases, one for each sales division in our company, and we use them to track detail on loads sold by our sales force.

    Recently, in about the last 3 months, we began to occasionally "lose" records. I'm not sure exactly what is happening, but it seems that the data input for a record (either a new record or an edit of an existing record) will overwrite another existing record, causing the second record to be completely lost.

    It seems to be somehow related to the method we use to change from one record display to another - using the "PgUp" or "PgDn" keys to move sequentially does not cause a problem, but if we use the "locate" function to skip directly to another record there is a chance that record Will disappear.

    Any ideas what might be happening, or suggestions on how to fix the database files?


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    When you do a "locate", does the record pointer actually get updated? Or would it be better to then do a "Find" or use some other method to insure that you are actually AT the record you think you are. It seems that the locate doesnt actually retrieve the record into the "current record", so when you begin changing, you are actually changing some other record (most likely the last successfully retrieved record)

    Just my thoughts.


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