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Thread: A5's lookup different than A4.

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    Default A5's lookup different than A4.

    What to do if you don’t like the way the lookup function works?

    When the lookup window opens up I should be able to press a key on the keyboard; new data should appear in the window and I should be able to continue making key presses until what I’m looking for is highlighted. If it is not in the lookup table I can select new.

    After I press the Enter key the lookup window should close and I should be returned to my entry form.

    If the record was found the fields on the entry form will be filled and cannot be edited. If the record is new I can fill the record on my entry form. Once the record is saved it cannot be edited on my entry form.

    What do I do? Put a button on my entry form and script my own lookup or use A5’s procedure but script intervention to change the operation?

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    In Alpha Five, as in Alpha Four, the control over edits in the data entry form is not related to the process of "filling in" fields from a lookup source. There are several ways to prevent edits, or to enable entry of new records only. Which have you tried?

    The lookup behavior you describe sounds a lot like the Alpha Five table lookup field rule, using the display as drop down option. Have you tried that?

    -- tom

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