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Thread: Weird "Function not recognized" error

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    Default Weird "Function not recognized" error

    I have some UDF code (OK, a lot of code) that has a very weird peculiarity.

    The code works fine until I put in this code an internal UDF that has the same 10 characters as a prefix (e.g. Abc_defghjk) that is used as the name of the external UDF. The internal udf had many names, but if it starts with Abc_defghjk, the external UDF returns a "Function not recognized". This problem goes away if I open the code and do a save, but returns the next time I open the database. The problem does not seem to be placement of the internal UDF, nor is there a compile error reported.

    The internal udf is basically

    FUNCTION abc_defghijk_Help as C()
    ' Bunch of text
    Has anybody ever seen behavior like this?

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    Default Re: Weird "Function not recognized" error

    Hey Ira,

    Yup it has happened to me. I am not sure, but I think it has something to do with the underscore. If I remove the underscore in the function name all seems to be OK ...


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