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Thread: Backup versus One-Step Backup

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    Default Backup versus One-Step Backup

    Hi all,
    I have noticed a few times now that the One-Step Backup will run without a hitch but the Backup which you can name will not---shows that a table or set is open. If this is the normal case for some reason it does explain why a while ago a backup would not restore what I had lost...that it must have dropped or skipped the open table/set when it backed up(without a notice message). Has anyone else noticed this and even if not, know of the reason as to why the One-Step Backup will work but not the named Backup?


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    Default Re: Backup versus One-Step Backup

    I just saw your question. I expect you already found the answer but for those that may not have, I'll put in my two cents. I found that if I start the backup from a form that is built on a dbf that does not need to be backed up and close all other forms before starting the backup, you can click OK on the warning that that dbf will not be backed up and won't loose anything.


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