This is reference to Jeff Benson’s suggestion to start with the current date as a default,

Would there be a way put a button next to the date field (Jeff’s second suggestion) that would popup a calendar where the user could easily select a different date if needed

I am also looking for a way to start with the current time and then have button which would open a dropdown to select a different time

This is the freeform I am using for the date and time
<input id="sendRequest_Serv_date" name="sendRequest_serv_date" value="<%a5 ?date() %>">&nbsp;
<input id="sendRequest_Serv_time" name="sendRequest_serv_time" value="<%a5 ?time() %>">
I am also can’t figure out where to set other default values, as for example I would like to the default value for “Request Level” to “Standard”

I know all this should be quite simple but I am new to the web world and I did not catch on yet

Any help would be appreciated
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