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Thread: Free Membership Management Application for Download

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    Marc King
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    Dec 2002

    Default Free Membership Management Application for Download

    The free membership management and image library desktop application is back!

    Fully updated for A5ver7

    • Track members, payments, and equipment assignments
    • Send email payment reminders to members
    • Create an image library and easily email it in PDF format
    • View reports for payment history, income, and product information

    This application is meant to give those new to Alpha Five an introduction to the most common tools and features along with a workflow path that will allow you to work most effectively with the program.

    The application is unlocked and can be used as a learning guide or as a template for your own applications.

    Alpha Five Version 7 is required to run this application. Get the A5v7 30 day trial here>>>

    Download the free membership management application here>>>

    Marc King

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    Mike Christensen
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    Default Re: Free Membership Management Application for Download

    Marc (and other interested people),

    Although I may not have checked everything out completely in this program, it seems to work just fine with Alpha Five Version 5. And wish I ran across this nice gift of yours sooner !!! There may still be some knowledge to be gained by me by studying it a bit more...even if not it is always nice to see how others present a database.


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