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Thread: Weather Database Design Advice?

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    Default Weather Database Design Advice?

    Hello. I’ve been tinkering with many versions of Alpha4/5 over the years and have created and used several fairly basic databases at work and home. I’m somewhat familiar with tables, sets, field rules, forms, reports, and a few other aspects of A5. I have very limited knowledge/usage of A5 application, scripting, or programming functions, in general.

    I’m currently using A5v7 and recently purchased a WAS license. I’d like to start getting a little more serious with A5 and learn what I need to develop a database application that will allow the analyzing of eleven years (and counting) worth of weather data. Currently, I’ve imported this data (about a half-million records) into both yearly tables and a “all-records” table.

    Not being familiar enough with the application and programming side of A5 I’m having a difficult time deciding on a good approach for table/database design and what functions, scripting, etc. to start learning and experimenting with.

    Generally, what I will want to do is define routines that will identify extremes, averages, trends, and etc. for all-time, yearly, monthly, daily, and miscellaneous periods. Having experimented with calculating some all-time and monthly high and low temperatures on a form, and seeing how long many of these calculations will take, I’m guessing I’ll probably want various tables that will store these calculations and then can be easily compared and updated over time.

    Any ideas out there what design direction might be a good one and what A5 functions, commands, and etc. that I’ll want to start with?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Default Re: Weather Database Design Advice?

    Wish I'd seen this earlier -- sorry no one has responded. First thing that occurs to me is that you should look in the help file for <TBL>.FIELD_STATISTICS(). I'd think you can just record away all you want in a single table and use this for your data collection. There's also COMPUTE_FIELD_STATISTICS() though I don't think it's what you really need.

    While A5 would be an excellent tool for weather-related reporting, I do know there are several other weather data tools out there that might do the job for you without so much work. But doing it in A5 would be much more fun and satisfying.

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