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Thread: "Loaded" Question

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    Ron Richardson
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    Jul 2006

    Default "Loaded" Question

    Is Alpha 5 Desktop worth the money..and is it realy that much easier and faster to develop in than MS-Access? Also, is it actually comparable 'power' wise to access?

    I have access. I have been looking for an application to meet a need thats been around for a several years and have yet to find one. I keep thinking I will sit down and develop the app using access, but I don't ever seem to have the time to deal the learning curve. Right now I use a pieced together Approach(remeber that from Lotus) database and a seperate commericial software because it gives me short term results. But I need something to handle this data long term.

    I can work with access but not at the level that the application requires and from what I have read the learning curve for Alpha 5 is a lot flatter and easier than access. I am the only one that will be using it, so webserver, multi-user, ect. is not an issue.

    Thoughts? Also, is there a listing somewhere that talks about applications others have developed? The application I need is an asset tracker, IT support request tracker, inventory tracking, serial number tracking, RMA tracking, invoicing program. I have found lots that do one or two, but not one that will do it all.

    Turkeypaw21(Ron R.)

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    Martin W. Cole
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    Default Re: "Loaded" Question

    You could definitely make a custom app to do what you describe with alpha -

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    Arlen Troup
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    Default Re: "Loaded" Question

    Just my opinion...

    A number of years ago I used Access to create some relatively simple databases. About the same time I started using Alpha Five and for me it was much, much easier to use and I could do things with A5 that I could not figure out how to do in Access.

    However, I did see a demo of an Access database developed by a group in Germany that was very impressive. Even so, I think the same application could have been easily created using Alpha Five.

    Although you can develop some good applications with only a modest amount of experience with A5 I believe you need to become proficient with the xbasic language in A5 in order to create the best applications, especially if you have some complex requirements.

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    James Urbanski
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    Default Re: "Loaded" Question

    Is Alpha 5 Desktop worth the money.

    The trial version is FREE for 30 days. Download it and try it. Once you try it, I think you will decide to but it.


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