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Thread: Disappearing Field in PDF

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    Default Disappearing Field in PDF

    This is very weird. I have a form I just started developing, and it requires two very small checkboxes at the top. For purposes of this particular report, these two checkboxes are actually two small fields with the letter "X" in the center, and a border around all four edges.

    When the form is printed to a regular printer, the boxes appear as normal. When sent to the PDF creator (for web printing) they disappear.

    A first I thought it had something to do with the fonts, but I found that if I simply move them to the middle of the page, they show up. Then I thought they maybe they were too close to the left side of the page, but then again I have regular text that runs even further to the left than these boxes, and it shows up correctly in the PDF.

    As it turns out, the size of the boxes in this particular location is affecting whether they show up or not, because if I make them just a little bit wider to the right, they show up in the PDF report. (Wider to the left does not work.)

    I can't understand what would be preventing these two boxes from showing up in the PDF in this location?

    Attached are three screenshots. The first is the report previewed in the regular print mode. The second is the same report after being created in PDF, and the last is the PDF after the boxes have been widened just a little bit to the right.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen?
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    Default Re: Disappearing Field in PDF

    Well 4 years later I am experiencing the exact same problem... if the leftmost field in the detail section of the report is too narrow (less than 0.62cm) it appears perfectly in the report preview, but disappears from the rendered report. (whether rendered as a PDF, Word, or whatever) See attached screenshots.

    Is this a bug in the Amyuni renderer?

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