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Thread: Multistate Button

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    Default Multistate Button

    Well, I've figured out what happened, but I don't know why it happened. My Alpha Sports- modeled MSB to look up people by letter groups worked well. K brought up the last names starting with K. All the letters did their jobs on the embedded browse.

    Then it stopped working and I had to refresh the browse each time or the second letter used for a query would come up zero because no name starting with that letter were in the query that the previous button push created.

    I tried code. Not good at it. Drug out the Action Scripting manual and - no joy there.

    Then I went back and opened the databases in V6 instead of V7 and everything worked as advertised.

    So, it turns out the tipping point on this function was the upgrade to v7.

    Now that I know when this happened and what was involved, does anyone know why it happened?


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    Default Re: Multistate Button

    Hi Lanny,
    I had the same problem yesterday when I brought my v6 file into v7. I think the query list gets filled. The query was being generated but the browse reverted to record number order instead of using the query. I added a tbl.query_detach_all() to the beginning of the multistbtn1 OnChange script and added query.options = "M" to the query_create() definition. Oh, and I rebuilt all the indexes just in case. It seems to be working now...

    Here's my Xbasic (working from memory):
    dim tbl as p
    tbl = table.current()    'or use tbl = table.get("directory") if a child
    query.filter = "left(company,1) = var->vcLetter"
    query.order = "Company"
    query.options = "M"
    idx = tbl.query_create()  
    recs = idx.records_get()
    if recs < 1 then
      ui_msg_box("Query Result","No records found"+crlf()+"Showing all records",0)
      multstbtn1.text = "1"   'this releases the button pressed
    end if
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