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Thread: Upgraded computer

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    Default Upgraded computer

    Dear All
    This maybe a real stupid question...but...
    I've Just upgraded my computer I am and trying to transfer things across i.e. A5V7 ...How do I move the license number etc...?:)

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    Default Re: Upgraded computer

    You didn't say if you still have the license number written down or if the old computer is still running. If the old computer is still running, you can get the license number by going to Help / About.

    Once you have the license number (reg number?), just copy the files to the new computer. The first time you start A5 you should be prompted for the license number.

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    Default Re: Upgraded computer

    John, no it's not a stupid question. It's a very good one.

    Now it's a while since I did this but as I recall the A5 registration is done on computer name. So if your new/upgraded PC still has the same name then A5 should register itself OK a second time. You just install A5 as per normal. You can change the computer name (My computer/ Properties/ Computer name) either before or after you install A5.

    I am sure others will share their ideas with us here too.

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