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Thread: Connect to desktop database from web app

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    Default Connect to desktop database from web app

    Hi, i'm new to the alpha database and i was wondering if anyone would like to help a dumb person like me. Here's what I want to do.

    I have a built database that is running off of the alpha on my desktop in my work office. We have some off-site employees that want to access database from home (real-time), so whatever they edit a data or add a new data into the form at home, it will be updated in the office at the same time. At first i was looking through remote access software to connect to my office computer and use the alpha five off of there, but can't find any. If i build a web application, and start the web server from my desktop, will it update all the files through the internet, and it will work as if the off-site people are editing the same database that i am also in that is in my office?

    If so, anyone got instructions on how to do this?


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    Default Re: Connect to desktop database from web app

    If you have XP Pro on the computer at work, use the Remote Desktop, it works fine....I use it all the time from home....

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    Default Re: Connect to desktop database from web app

    You've asked a few questions here. IMO, you can't have others logging in to your desktop machine both because they will mess with your computer and because they will interrupt your activity; you can't both run the Alpha desktop application at the same time. You can look into running Terminal Services on your server, where each user has a different session. You would need one Alpha license for each concurrent user

    If you built a web application, you could then have others truly real-time on the application. You could leave it on your computer, but most likely you would want to move the whole thing to a server. You would have to purchase a new WAS license to run the web application so that others could access it. Your A5V7 licence (if that's what you have) only allows local access.

    Your off-site users could use the web app, and you could also use the web app in your office, or the desktop version - its the database so web and desktop Alpha affect the same.

    Building a web app is straight forward, but not the same skill set as building a desktop app. For one thing, security becomes paramount since your database is connected to the www.
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