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Thread: Entering Global Variable in a table set into a Form Field of a browse table

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    Default Entering Global Variable in a table set into a Form Field of a browse table

    I am new to database design and know this should be easy, but can't find the quick solution. I have a form made from a table set. With the common fields from the primary table being listed at the top. I have a tabbed object below. In one of the tab views, I have a child table in a browse table. Trying to enter several records for the main customer record. Here is my first problem. I want the customer name in the child table of the browse view to display as a default the customer name from the primary table. I want to be able to change or overwarite that customer name in case if I have to put another relative or friends name in that field. Can't figure out this probably simple solution.

    The other question is probably similar. In the same tabbed obect table. I have another Child table that needs the customer name from the parent table field to be the starting default and to be able to be changed as well as.

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    Default Re: Entering Global Variable in a table set into a Form Field of a browse table


    I'm not certain I understand your question well, but a couple of ideas for you:

    a) Your post will get better exposure in the Alpha Five forum corresponding to the version you own. This forum is oriented towards the design of the tables and sets, rather than the data entry forms used to maintain them.

    b) Data entry into set based forms using tab controls is complicated, and sometimes leads to very poor performance. There's an interesting article at called "Simplify your Application" that I think should be required reading for everyone.

    c) If you drop a field from the parent table into a tab page that contains a browse for linked child table records any edits to that field will be commited to the original parent table record. You can't use a table field object like you seem to want because it's automatically bound to the table. Edits needed for a new record must be made after beginning a new record. i.e. after the record buffer is cleared of existing field values.

    -- tom

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