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Thread: Problem with "Pre-Fetch Data"

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    Default Problem with "Pre-Fetch Data"

    I have a simple grid with a detail view for additional information and to add new records.

    When I use the "standard mode," the Add New Record function works fine, but if I have "pre-fetch" data selected, I get an error message whenever I try to add a new record.

    Attached is the message I get upon clicking the "Add" button.

    Any reason why pre-fetch can't be used when adding new records? Possibly a bug?

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    Default Re: Problem with "Pre-Fetch Data"

    I'd say bug. But I have to tell you my experience with pre-fetch is once you go to do anything more than a few small fields it's all over. Just watch for that Java error symbol, I gave up on it ages ago.

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    Default Re: Problem with "Pre-Fetch Data"

    I know Pre-fetch completely fails if you have used Layout Controls (Tabs) in your detail record. But in a small test grid just now, without layout controls, the pre-fetch worked fine, including Add functions. Maybe pre-fetch also fails depending on what tricks you deploy in your detail.
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