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Thread: Displaying Data Horizontally rather than Vertical in a report

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    Default Displaying Data Horizontally rather than Vertical in a report

    As I stated in a previous post, I am creating a program where personal trainers can create training programs for their clients.

    As is currently stands, I have a workout header table with an exercise sub set table combined into a set. On the workout creation form, the trainer enters a name for the workout, and then uses a browse to select the exercises and to add weight and rep information.

    Therefore I do not have a dedicated object field for exercise 1, exercise 2, etc. I got this layout from the invoice header and invoice tables from Alpha Sports.

    I would like to display workout information horizontally across a report.
    For instance, let’s say I have 8 exercises, each with a name, a picture, and info for weights and reps.

    I would like to create something similar to columns but have the information move horizontally, not vertically. Therefore, if I wanted to have 4 exercises across a row it would lay out-exercise 1 would be the first thing displayed, exercise 2 would be beside it, exercise 3 and four beside it, exercise 5 would then wrap around and display under exercise 1 etc.

    Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Displaying Data Horizontally rather than Vertical in a report

    Select Report/Properties/Detail properties. Select region and then select the detail to be displayed in 4 columns. Check "Balance column height". You should be good to go.

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