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Thread: Trouble with getting the query string

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    Default Trouble with getting the query string

    Hello, I am trying to pass a string with the URL for an a5w page and I can't get it to work. Using the Trace.Writeln in the code for the GetUserInfo.a5w page I can confirm that the Request.Referer is: http://localhost/a5host/GetUserInfo.a5w?Type=personal
    But, when I use Trace.Writeln to show Request.Query_String I get nothing.
    The code I use to investigate is:
    dim TmpString as c
    dim QString as c
    TmpString = Request.Referer
    trace.WriteLn("Full URL is: " + TmpString)
    QString = Request.Query_String
    trace.WriteLn("Raw query string is: " + QString)
    What am I doing wrong?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Trouble with getting the query string

    dim QString as C

    QString =Extract_String(Request.Query_String, "Type=","&")
    you need to add "&" at the end of query string

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    Default Re: Trouble with getting the query string

    trace.writeln is a desktop only function and cannot be used in a web application.

    These are valid:
    QString = Request.Query_String
    session.QString = Request.Query_String

    but the code with trace functions are not going to work.

    The extract_string() method is not required, your QString variable should contain "Type=personal" without that function.

    You can also use save_to_file() function to write the variable contents to a file for viewing.
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    Default Re: Trouble with getting the query string

    Request.referer is the page that contained the link or form that generated the current request, so http://localhost/a5host/GetUserInfo.a5w?Type=personal is the last page that was viewed, not this one.

    On the other hand, Request.Query_String refers to this request. "Type=personal" was the query string for the referring page and may or may not have also been the query string for the current request. So the real question is did this request even have query string with it? You can examine request.raw to find out.

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