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Thread: Looking for Alpha 5 Programmers in Westchester, NY or NYC

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    Default Looking for Alpha 5 Programmers in Westchester, NY or NYC

    I am directing a research project that has collected data on hundreds of youth-related indicators. The project aims to share most of this data through an interactive online database. I am looking for a professional, experienced Alpha 5 programmer to work with my organization to design a complete database to meet the unique needs of this project (detailed list below). Particularly I am looking for someone in Westchester, NY or close by in either NYC or Connecticut. I am looking to choose a designed before the New Year and if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Dan Lipka
    914-946-7676 ext 12

    Critical (i.e. minimal) Features
    Must be able to import data from Excel (or another format that I export to from Excel)
    • Must be large enough to handle the data (currently 60mb or 200,000 rows and 30 columns)
    • Data must be able to be filtered by a series of base categories and a series of sub-categories. Example: TANF is in the Economics base category and the Public Assistance sub-category.
    • Must be able to group certain sets of data. Example: It must be able to add up all the separate municipalities and create a “total Westchester” data set.
    • Must be able to present the data online, with basic sorting.
    • Ability to add, edit , or delete indicators and categories.
    • Additional data sets must be able to be added.

    Features the System Really Should Have
    • It should be able to create ratios, rates, and percentages based on data from two or more other data sets. Example: Using the total population data and the number of children data, it should be able to tell me what percentage of the total population are children.
    • Can create standard charts, graphs, and tables. These charts need to include the “sources”, “notes”, and links that are associated with that data set.
    • On-line features include keyword searching, and user defined tables. For example a user should be able to select an indicator(s), the years they want (of available) and the breakdowns they want (of what is available).
    • Can be upgraded to utilize advanced features (see next section).
    • Easy to use, easy to upload new data, easy to change, add, or delete indicators or data.
    • Built-in data backup system.

    Now We’re Talking (options that I would love to have)
    • Limited use of codes to define things. For example some databases only let you name an indicator using seven characters, this makes it very hard to name something without using an elaborate set of codes.
    • Can create GIS Maps based on data.
    • Can create high quality charting.
    • Single software that manages the data and the web database.
    • Customized specifically for this project.
    • Can perform advanced statistical analysis (correlations, significance, margin of error, ect.)
    • Can be viewed online as .pdf or downloaded as a .pdf or Excel document.
    • Multiple data sets can be downloaded at once.
    • Has built in publishing software or is designed to work directly with publishing software.

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    Default Re: Looking for Alpha 5 Programmers in Westchester, NY or NYC


    What a wonderful project! Wish I lived closer! Can be done and would take a lot of work for about a year or more.

    Hope you the best!

    Dave Mason

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