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Thread: Upgrade Pricing

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    Default Upgrade Pricing

    Could someone confirm what products qualify for the upgrade pricing for A5v8? Our office has 4 licenses for A4v8… does that qualify or does it have to be an earlier version of A5? We do have a single license for an early version of A5, which was never put into use.

    And what is the mechanism for upgrading… does an upgrade version look for a current installation of an earlier version, or do you just have to be a registered user?

    My desire is to purchase one license for A5v8 now at the upgrade pricing. Then when the app is ready for our office, purchase a 3-license pack also at the upgrade pricing. Will that work?


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    Default Re: Upgrade Pricing

    If no one answers here, why not just call Alpha's customer service and ask? They're always helpful and friendly.

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