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    I am still very new to database developement, and being new, I am wondering about alpha 8. I have a table called Order Detail in the database and in that table there is an area called Extension which is at the end. Can someone please tell me what it is supposed to do or what is ment by extension. Is it supposed to multiply the price time the quanity automatically and give you the correct answer?
    Please help

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    The "area" you mention is probably a field in the table. The field name "extension" or "extended" was assigned by the developer, probably, to represent the 'total' for each detail record in the table.

    A typical invoicing or orders application would use a set of two tables. The first, often called a "header" table and named something like Ord_hdr or Inv_hdr would contain one record for each order or invoice. this record would contain fields which distinguish each order / invoice from the next. Often you'd put the customer name, order id (invoice number), address, order date, order total in this table.

    the second table would contain separate records for the details or "items" actually ordered. Each record in this table would be linked to a single header table record, often through an order or invoice id number. Since any order could contain multiple items you'd use a one to many link when defining the set. These detail records would not repeat fields describingg the order, but would contain fields describingg each item ordereed.. things like part number, description, unit price, quantity, and "extended". "Extended" is often defined as a calculated field to automatically multiply quantity times unit price to get a subtotal for the items in the current details record. The sum of all "extended"s would be the order total.

    Suggest you open the field rules for the details table and check the "extension" field. the calc field expression should be present defining the specific multiplication you need for the record.


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