I use a form with an embedded browse.

In A5 Vs 7, I would create a heading in the form as a text field, and embed a browse below. Prior to this I would open the browse and delete the heading in the browse by right-clicking on the browse heading and deleting the column title text. The reason is simply that if this is not done, I would have 2 headings, one in the form and one at the top of the browse.

In A5 Vs 8, if I try to delete the browse heading, the message
This column is not bound to a valid field in the current table. Please delete the field and create a new field bound to the appropriate column
and doesn't allow me to delete the browse column heading.

Why has this changed?

p.s. I would have included pictures/images but the Insert Image now requires me enter a URL. I am obviously missing something here.