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    I am new to Alpha and new to programming for that matter... I am trying to bring our company into the high tech world. Here is what I am trying to accomplish...

    Customer logs into our orders database

    Customer chooses to start a new order/spec

    Customer uses Order/spec form to choose available house model, and options from within each category in the database

    Customer submits form.

    Database returns total estimated price for home with an option for printing.

    I know this may sound/look simple - is there any examples currently available that might get me started in the right direction?



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    Hi Donm,

    You have quite a few variables here. If customers are logging in via the web you'll need A5 and the Web Application Server (WAS).

    The WAS builds the front-end, where you add web components, that 'talk' to your back-end database. Something like a dialog component is used to enter data into the database (like a registration form), whilst a 'grid' component would be used to 'extract' information from the DB. The WAS has its own HTML editor which lets you create your webpage, then this could be hosted on your machine, or you can utilise an ISP. The latter comes at a higher cost, but is more reliable usually with greater uptime & security.

    DB fields can autoamtically calculate formula and post to other cells. So that's no problem.

    As for logging in and security, the guys have done some great enhancements in V8 and this can be done no worries.

    Best suggestion is to check the A5 Help page and look at the tutorials first:

    If they aren't any help, there are books that A5 sell in their shop. I've read the PACE books. Level 1 is for complete beginners, and Level 2 enhances further upon what was learnt on L1 (Repeating a lot of the stuff). There are a few printed errors, nonetheless the information is invaluable if you don't know the software and want to learn it from the start.
    TIP: Be sure to download the examples. (See start of teh book for URL)

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