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Thread: Tool to Mass Update MenuBar Menu Items

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    Default Tool to Mass Update MenuBar Menu Items

    A bit of background will help explain the purpose of this tool, so here we go.

    I have an application with at least 50 separate Forms and Browses. Each has a custom MenuBar and ToolBar.
    Quite a few Forms and Browses use a common ToolBar, very few menuBars are shared so I have ended up with around 34 unique menubar definitions.
    While all the Menu Bars have unique Menus, they also have common menus for File, Tools, Window, Help.
    When a new entry is added to one of the common menus (File, Tools, Windows) all, 34 MenuBars would need to be updated. The updates are a time-consuming task; this is where this tool comes into play.

    ZTool-MenuCopy will update the selected Menus on a selected list of MenuBars using a single MenuBar as a pattern. In this way, the Menus for MenuBar Entries such as File and Help can quickly be made the same.

    Establish the File and Help Menus in one MenuBar definition than use this tool to copy these menus to the remaining MenuBar definitions.

    Download the following script and import it into your Alpha5 application (on the Code Tab Right Click and select Import)

    ZTool-MenuCopy - 09-21-2018.txt

    Below is definitions of Menu terms used in Windows it may make the above more understandable

    A menu is arranged in a hierarchy.
    At the top level of the hierarchy is the menu bar; which contains a list of menus, which in turn can contain submenus.
    A menu bar is sometimes called a top-level menu, and the menus and submenus are also known as pop-up menus.

    A menu item can either carry out a command or open a submenu.
    An item that carries out a command is called a command item or a command.

    An item on the menu bar almost always opens a menu.
    Menu bars rarely contain command items.
    A menu opened from the menu bar drops down from the menu bar and is sometimes called a drop-down menu.
    When a drop-down menu is displayed, it is attached to the menu bar.
    A menu item on the menu bar that opens a drop-down menu is also called a menu name.
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    Default Re: Tool to Mass Update MenuBar Menu Items

    Paul, looks very useful. Did your 'replace all' with 'IR' break anything? haven't got time to test this at present.

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