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Thread: Email broadcast considerations?

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    Default Email broadcast considerations?

    I have a small trade association client. Most of the members have active email accounts. The client wants to be able to manage the email list for its members with Alpha Five. And, the client wants to be able to "broadcast" email messages (with attachments) to the entire list, or to particular subsets of the list, from time to time.

    What are the factors which should be considered in deciding whether to do the bulk emailing using the Alpha Five email client or to hire an outside vendor to do the bulk emailing for them? [ They've been using ConstantContact for a while and like it. This is an online service that maintains the membership email list and sends out the emails for the client. ]

    I guess what I'm really asking is whether anyone has experience using the Alpha Five email client to do bulk emailing, and whether it would be feasible for an email list that might have up to 1,000 people on it ?

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    Default Re: Email broadcast considerations?

    I use the NetMailer to do 3,000 piece emailings all the time. I create them in Netmailer, enter the merge fields (but you may not have merge fields) copy & paste that into Dreamweaver, adjust formatting, save in Dreamweaver, then open that file from Netmailer.

    This sounds complicated, but after a few times, it's not.

    The major issues are:

    1. Will the ISP cut you off?
    2. Would your client rather outsource this to Constant Contact?

    I hope this is helpful.


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    Default Re: Email broadcast considerations?


    I sent 24000 emails a few months ago. I made everything in alpha, with no real problems. Alpha can do the job, but I would keep on using the other service if it was not too expensive.

    The one problem I did encounter was in using road runner and my own ISP with the first 5000 batch, I got a nasty letter in email form from RoadRunner and my ISP. I called RoadRunner and was told(off the record) I could send increments to stay under 50(I think) to fool the spam detectors. I then sent 48 every hour which Alpha nicely handled for me until done. The computer was tied up for a long time doing nothing else. I was also told I could upgrade the RoadRunner the service, but no one could tell me how many emails I could send at a time. You can also run into ISP problems, which I did, because of spamming problems as Rob indicated. I used the road runner account after that totally.

    It was a good training exercise.


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    Default Email broadcast considerations?

    Hey Tom... goodmorning!

    I have successfully used

    Mickey Shekdar

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