I am a network engineer - most definately is programming not my fortee, however - I am in desperate need - I have a client whom is migrating to a new domain - they run Alpha4v6 from what I understand for payroll processing.

Looking at the previous install - it seemed to run locally on the server and then a shared map drive was extended out to the users. IE - server location C:\Alpha4v6, whereas the executable was alpha.exe obviously - this was then shared out to a mapped network driver where all users could see via the login script right away.

I do not have access to the "CD's or any media for that matter (the client does not either), with some banking programs - you can modify a "config.sys" file to point to a new location and will utilize the existing libraries - so I simply moved the data over from the old domain to the new domain - I now recieve this error...

Illegal default/drive path specified
-- will be ignored

Any help would greatly be appreciated. As you can tell this is not my fortee - I will configure any of your cisco PTP, and design a great WAN for you - but this is not my specialty. I beg of any help. Thank you.

Adam Drake
Network Engineer