I've been trying to find a satisfactory way (For me) to use table lookups and Unique values, but I really want something in between.
Coded Lookups are great in that you do not have to display the underlying record unique value, but poor when it comes to adding or editing an entry in the lookup table, whereas Normal lookups I have to define the table Lookup on the relevant Unique field in the table being displayed but it does allow a pop-up menu so that I can change or add an entry to the lookup table.
(see attached TIF files of the two ways of doing Lookups.)
I think I am after a third way of doing lookups that use the plus points of both, Coded Lookups but with pop-up up dialog to add/change lookup table entries without having to display the unique field value on the browse/Form.
In the two examples My Parent Table has a table lookup defined on field OP_UNIQUE against table APPENDIX_C.dbf and a match to field UNIQUE.
in the non coded lookup attached example, I have the field OP_UNIQUE which has the above lookup defined, I also have to then include a Calculated field to display the Value to be displayed from the APPENDIX_C table.

the Calc field is a lookup:

op_name = lookupc("F",op_unique,"Operator","appendix_C.dbf","unique")
in effect both lookups mentioned are exactly the same, except that the coded lookup has "Display as drop-down list box" ticked but Normal lookup does not.

any suggestions welcomed.