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Thread: Modify grid search component

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    Default Modify grid search component

    I need to be able to perform queries on data presented by my grid component, so I'm using the built-in search. However I need to be able to perform "OR" and "AND" queries to match two sets of rows meeting two independent sets of criteria. For example, the search feature lets me search for all rows where Gender = 'Male' and Disease = 'Adenocarcinoma', but I also need to be able to search for rows where Gender = 'Male' and Disease = 'Adenocarcinoma' OR Gender = 'Female' and Disease = 'Pancreatitis'.

    Is the search portion of the grid component modifiable to this extent, or will I have to use some XBasic to make this work. If the latter, I'd appreciate it if someone can point me at the best starting point.



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    Default Re: Modify grid search component

    Although I think you could pull it off using calculated fields, probably the best way is to create an input form using a dialog component that requests those various search fields. Then construct a URL in the AfterValidate event that opened a second page containing a grid. The URL would need to include Alpha's unique method to filter and order the results from a URL. Find that in the Help documentation, its pretty clear. You could even include logic such as OR and AND.

    The resulting URL might look like this:

    DiseaseInfo.A5w?customers_filter=gender="{sex1}" .and. disease="{disease1}" .or. gender="{sex2}" .and. disease="{disease2}"

    where the variables in {} get replaced at runtime from your dialog fields. What I'm not sure about is if the above query properly combines the two AND's before the one OR. You may have to expirement.
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