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Thread: draft white paper - Registering New Users Online

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    Default draft white paper - Registering New Users Online

    I'd like some volunteers to review an 8 page draft paper titled "Registering New Users Online : Integration with V8 Security Framework."

    Here is the table of contents:

    - About the author
    - Alpha Five
    - Security Framework
    - Security Groups
    Registration Components
    - Opt-In – Single or Double?
    - Login - Email Address or non-email value?
    - The Registration Form
    - Categorizing new users
    - Opt-out
    - Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy
    Registration Models
    - Open registration model
    - Subscription registration model
    - Validated registration model
    - Models for established companies
    - Other Models
    - Deny user access

    Here is a sample:

    Opt-In – Single or Double?
    Opt-In is the method by which the new online user “agrees” to register and join your service. Single Opt-In is quicker, with only one step from signup to access. Double opt-in requires two steps and in the process ensures 1) the user really wants to register, 2) the user is who they say they are (they own the email account), and 3) they are less likely to claim that email correspondence from your domain is “spam”. Double Opt-In is preferred by those entities that monitor Internet spam and can shut you down if complaints are received.

    Single Opt-In: Upon completing an online registration form, the user is 1) added to Security Framework with an appropriate security group, 2) immediately allowed to log in, 3) sent an email with login details as a reminder.

    Double Opt-In: Immediately upon completing an online registration the user is 1) sent a ”confirmation email”, 2) added to the Security Framework as Pending and 3) added to your companion user table, if applicable. They must receive this email and click an embedded link in order to “confirm” their intent to register for the service. Using Alpha Five, the link would lead to an A5W page that toggles their status from Pending to User (or whatever you designate), and they are allowed to log in. An email is sent to their address with login details as a reminder. If they do not respond, you may opt to delete their Pending registration after some period of time.
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    Default Re: draft white paper - Registering New Users Online


    I'll be glad to take a look.


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    Default Re: draft white paper - Registering New Users Online

    Steve, count me in......

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    Default Re: draft white paper - Registering New Users Online

    I'd be interested in reading - thanks.

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