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Thread: Print new PDF for every inovice

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    Default Print new PDF for every inovice

    I am a newbie, I mainly work in A4V8 but some of or stuff we have converted over. My question is; we print all of our invoices each day from a pdf created by A5v8. but i would like to learn a way of having alpha save a new pdf for each invoice automatically for our records. the report is setup up now by inputing a range of invoices that the end user wants printed. then a5 creates a pdf for them to email or print. I would like the end result to be a folder with a new pdf for each record saved by the invoice name plus maybe the date.

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    Default Re: Print new PDF for every inovice

    hi, check this link:

    I did this some time ago, for desktop apps, you can change .rtf to .pdf and it will work.
    hope it helps.
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