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Thread: Stock Control

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    Default Stock Control

    I have a database based on the alpha sports invoice module. I want to extract from two different child data file both on sets of one - many relationship.

    My question has any one got ang sugestions on how I construct the set so that I can get all the items from the "out" field in "invoice_Items" and all the items from the "in" field in "Stock_rcv_items". I set up a new set with the parent "products" and the other two as child with one to many relationship but cannot design a repor that will give me a summery of the fields "out" and "ins" for each individual "Product_Id" but it does not work. The purpose of this report is to give me to give me a result of how much we bought and invoiced for each product over a given period. Hope someone can help.

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    Your post belongs in the Database Design forum.

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