I am having a pc for development, and another one where my Aplha application server is running, when I am developing my application, I am working on my D drive, like D:\AplhaDev\MyApp.

I have created a a Project called MyApp, and project settings for the local file is standard using Alias: [PathAlias.ADB_Path] = =a5.get_path()

I have also created a profile for my Lan publishing, and here the Alias is:[PathAlias.ADB_Path] = \\JAData\A5Data\MyApp.

\\JaData is the name of my server, and it only has a C: drive

Webroot: \\Jadata\A5webroot\
Datafiles: \\JaData\A5Data\MyApp

all files has been selected, and everything is distributed without problem, but when executing on my server, the grid fails saying that the Table d:\Alphadev\MyApp\task.dbf is missing.

Do I have to insert the Alias somewhere, I cant se this anywhere in the documentation ??.