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Thread: Submit Button Problem

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    Default Submit Button Problem

    I have a dialog component that collects data. Once complete the user presses subit as the include Submit button has been check in properties. All that is supposed to happen is the data is entered into the database. This component is included in an a5w page.

    I have a separate a5w page that includes a totally different component to display data/detail. I also have another component on that same page that is a print pdf report, that works fine.

    PROBLEM: For some reason when I press the submit button on the dialog screen (a5w with dialog component) it's trying to find the PDF report and can't so I get an error.

    Why would one Submit componet be calling a different Submit component?


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    Default Re: Submit Button Problem

    The answer is probably in your dialog component's AfterValidate event. How about posting the Xbasic in that event for us to see?

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    Default Re: Submit Button Problem

    Thanks. Here is the print/submit component button aftervalidate that is for creating the PDF in one of the a5w page. This is NOT the same page as the other page component below.

    dim filter as c
    dim order as c
    Filter = ".T."
    Order = ""
    Dim filename as c
    filename = session.session_folder + "tempreport.pdf"
    filename = report.saveas("MONTHLY REPORT@[PathAlias.ADB_Path]\service_report-v2.ddd","pdf",filter,order,filename,.f.)
    if file.exists(filename)
    currentform.RedirectTarget = session.session_url + "tempreport.pdf?" + time("hms3")
    end if

    This is the aftervalidate code from a totally unrelated component:
    session.web_id = time("MMddyy0h0m0s3",now())

    tbl ="<ADB_Path>\service_reporting-V2")
    tbl.web_id =session.web_id
    tbl.reportmonth =alltrim(reportmonth)
    tbl.First_name =alltrim(First_Name)
    tbl.Last_name =alltrim(Last_Name)
    tbl.Email =alltrim(Email)
    tbl.ReportDate =alltrim(ReportDate)


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