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Thread: A5 V1.0-Win Upgrade

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    Default A5 V1.0-Win Upgrade

    I work for a small business where we have been using A5 V1 for about 10yrs. We would like to upgrade. Is it difficult to upgrade from V1 to the current? We basically use it as a fairly simple purchasing system, where we enter vendors, part numbers and other info to produce Purchase orders, RFQ's, Job costing reports, etc. Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to convert A5 info in order to put into Peachtree Accounting.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: A5 V1.0-Win Upgrade


    There have been a few discussions about a5v1 to a5v8 recently. Not too much activity in that great of a leap of versions though. Note the links to similar threads at the bottom of this thread.

    If you have a fairly 'simple' system, I would consider moving the .dbf and .fpt(or.dbt) files into a new directory and rebuilding in a5v8. That way all of the data is moved easily and then the application is in the latest version and doesn't have 'old version' issues hanging around.

    As far as Peachtree, Alpha can talk(read & Write) to a datasource that has ODBC connectivity. The later versions of Peachtree have this.

    I have not worked with Peachtree, but I have built transfers and interactions into and out of Quickbooks.

    If you are looking for a one time transfer into Peachtree, you'll need to look at how Peachtree can accept lists (Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Items) and transactions (PO's, receipts) and then see if Alpha can export into a similar structure. I'd definitely do that with A5v8 after the data is moved over from A5v1.
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    Default Re: A5 V1.0-Win Upgrade

    I've replied on this issue a few times, but only in reference to ver 5. The upgrade is fairly straightforward... As long as you don't have a lot of x-basic code. X-basic took a major turn between ver 1 and ver 2. All of your x-basic will need to be rewritten. It is not impossible, and once you get used to it, the new x-basic is really very intuitive. It is also significantly more powerful. Your reports should be fine. your screens may need help, especially if you have buttons on them. The code under the buttons will need some work.

    Take heart, it may seem a bit overbearing at first, but it needs to be done. Ver 8 will give you many more tools to use, and is reasonably fast in comparison to other later versions.


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