As a newbie, I have started a significant development project in Alpha Five and have used the Alpha Five db as the database.

Before I go too far with this project, I'm considering converting the database to MySQL. I'd like to hear some opinions of performance and stability of MySQL compared to A5 Db.

The application is not going to be a mission critical app, but will have large numbers of records in the databases with large indices and requires fast record access times.

Stability is an issue as well. My company is small and I'd like to keep the db support requirement to a minimum.

Finally, at this time I know next to nothing about MySQL. So there will be a learning curve.

I'm ready to stop my development and convert the app to MySQL, I'd just like to hear some of your feedback before proceeding.

Do you use MySQL? What have your experiences been? How hard is it to maintain the database and tables?

Is Alpha Five db stable and fast? Will it easily handle tables with over 100,000 records and maintain its speed?

Thanks in advance. One day I'll have sufficient expertise to help others on this forum and will gladly do so!