As someone who is new to A5 (and quite impressed with it and this message board), the thought occurred to me that A5 could make the next leap forward in market acceptance if it did what some other platforms have done: encourage the development of modules or widgets that could be easily dropped into A5 applications.

IMHO: while A5 seems very amenable to both inexperienced and experienced developers, several higher-level capabilities would be a real boost to a5 if they were available.

For example: (for WAS projects)
* a message board capability such as vBulletin herein
* modules for gathering and recording poll results
* RSS feed module
* etc, etc

Each of these efforts is probably more involved than Alpha would want to support on its own.

However, using DotNetNuke ( as a prime example, small teams of volunteers can develop, support and evolve such modules quite well.

Including them (somewhere) on the Alpha website would endorse their viability (when they were of such quality to justify such endorsement) and would give a clear indication that their existence was a reflection of the maturity of the A5 platform.

There are a handful of people on this message forum that are already offering their time and insight to help others and have been for years. Although I'm not one of those people (yet) I can see that they do exist. Undoubtedly, a few may be interested in doing such volunteer leadership effort.

Honestly, the best thing Alpha could do would be to encourage volunteers to do platform development for everyone's sake. Then, Alpha could focus on things that only they can do.