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Thread: single user RT- update user app databases

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    Default single user RT- update user app databases

    Is there an easy way to clearly update databases in application for single users without affecting the app? Can I email the files necessary or is it suggested to email the complete app update?

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    Default Re: single user RT- update user app databases


    You question is kind of cryptic but if I take it on face value - yes you can email the data files to your end user and they can place them in the appropriate directory. Those files are the dbf, cdx and fpt files. However, please keep in mind that if you send them new data tables (dbf, cdx and fpt) and they merely dump the new files into your application directory any data they have entered / edited will be lost.

    If you do decide to email the files - take a look at zipping them up before emailing as dbf files compress BIG time and might make emailing them easier (depending on your file size).



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