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Thread: passive-link tables will not update

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    Default passive-link tables will not update

    I have been using the demo version of QReportBuilder to build some custom reports for a client that combines information from several different QuickBooks files.

    When I initially set up the passive link tables and the report, all of the links worked and permission was granted by QuickBooks for the software to access the files automatically even when QuickBooks was not running.

    I did not change any of the settings and now one of my passive-link tables will not update. I continue to get an error that QReportBuilder does not have access to log in to QB automatically. I have removed the program from QB and requested access from the program again - everything looks like it is set up correctly, but the table will not update, giving me the same error.
    QB Preferences for Integrated Applications lists the application and denotes that it should be able to log in automatically. I am at a loss as to how to fix this problem.
    I have even wiped out the table and completely rebuilt the data source definition to no avail.

    Any suggestions as to how I can correct this problem. My report is useless at this point, due to this one table not being able to update. All 8 of the other tables update just fine.

    Thanks -

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    Default Re: Welcome to the QReportBuilder Forum!


    It sounds to me like the permissions within QB have changed.

    You may need to look at the user that you are loggin in as.

    Another question would be: Does it work if QB is already open prior to the refresh of the Alpha tables?

    Is it possible that you are using a different QB company file?
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    Default Re: Welcome to the QReportBuilder Forum!


    Thanks for the reply.

    I have double-checked the preferences for Integrated Applications in the QB file and the software is listed as being allowed to login automatically. I have even changed the login user to the administrator with full access to all areas of QB and still receive an error message.

    Yes, it does work if the QB file is open prior to the Alpha table being refreshed

    Yes, the QB file is the same as the one for which I have checked all of the settings. I have reset the Data Source Definition several times to ensure that there is not an error in the file to which I am pointing.

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