Thank you for taking the time to post the suggestions.

Sorry I'm not good enough at this time to employ most of it.
I can tell you I have tried Compacting, deleting the browse saving then exit then design mode and then add the browse again, tried the topparent:Brw_embedded.Row_height = 30 thing but unless I'm not doing that right it doesn't work either.

What does work is, creating a browse then adding it to the from. These don't seam to ever resize.

Here's a cork, these same embedded browses don't resize on a friends windows 10 machine. Win 7 or setting or ???

FYI - I'm running win7 32 bit. Alpha anywhere v4.4.3 Devoloper edition v12.4.4.3 Build 4254.

Sorry, not sure know how to share a partial copy of what I'm working for anyone to look at.