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Thread: Upgrading to Version 8

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    Default Upgrading to Version 8

    Brad Waddell of QReportbuilder tells me I need to upgrade to Version 8. I cannot find a link for this on the QReportbuilder website, nor in Qreportbuilder itself. I have other things to ask the forum but he suggested I get Version 8 first. I currently have:

    QReportBuilder: Version 1.000
    Alpha 5 Version: Version 7, Build 4202
    System Addins: Build 3034

    Is it Version 8 of Alpha 5 that he is referring to? I only know QReportBuilder and Alpha 5 is just what it is built upon in my understanding so I am reluctant to upgrade to something I don't know or know if it is compatible with QReportbuilder. Maybe the Alpha 5 used for QReportbuilder has been modified in some way.

    Can someone explain what I need to do?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Upgrading to Version 8


    Here is a link to their download page. They also are on verision 8 so am assuming/guessing this is what they are referring to. Unknown as to what, if any, version limitations there are to be able to use their software. It would be best to ask them directly--if you find out please post here to let all of us know also...and any other bits of info you may find out.
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    Default Re: Upgrading to Version 8


    The latest Qreportbuilder (v2) is based on Alpha 5v8.

    Use the download link that Mike provided and get that latest version.

    You can continue to use Alpha 5v7 on your machine along with QRB. You can also have Alpha 5v8 on your machine. Each is a separate program.

    What Brad has suggested to you is to move to the latest build of QRB and ask your questions from the latest build. There are many new features and functions in QRB that will help you.

    Keep those question coming and we'll keep answering them. ;)
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    Default Re: Upgrading to Version 8

    Thanks for the link - that's what I was looking for. I am installing as we speak. I will be back soon with some more questions about a certain report I am building, or rather fixing.

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