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Thread: Accessing "external Db?

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    Default Accessing "external Db?

    Running Version.
    Tried To Access "external Db."..
    Came Back With Messsge..
    "need "enterprise Edition"
    My Version Says That The Pro Is Packaged With The
    Enterprise Edition? Doesn't Make Sense?

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    Default Re: Accessing "external Db?

    Hi Bob,

    I think you might be reading something incorrectly.

    Alpha Five Version 8 Professional Edition

    • includes everything in the Desktop Edition,
    • advanced new browse features,
    • the ability to create web applications,
    • the ability to create applications that can be deployed or distributed with the Alpha Five Runtime

    Alpha Five Version 8 Enterprise Edition

    • includes everything in the Professional Edition,
    • offers the ability to work with SQL databases through ADO or the new Alpha DAO,
    • the Alpha Five Enterprise Report Builder - previously this was separately priced at $199,
    • the Alpha Five Database Explorer
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