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Thread: Help in filtering data

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    Default Help in filtering data

    I am having difficulty in getting my report to filer out certain invoice line items. In particular those listed as "Payment", "Deposit", or Blank

    I have tried following the online video tutorial, but obviously miss something.

    I have attached screen shots showing my Set w/ Filter, my Report Design and then the result. You will notice that a line with "Payment" shows on the fourth line of the report.

    I am a novice at report writing so any help is appreciated.


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    Default Re: Help in filtering data


    Thanks for writing. From what I can see, you are using the filtering in the set definition to eliminate records. It's a little hard to see the actual filter that you are using since the image is too small.

    Another option that I may be more likely to use, is to skip the filtering on the set and put it in the report record selection area.

    Can you export the report and post it here or send it to me? I can take a look at it and perhaps change the filtering to work for you.

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