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Thread: Are QBES User Rights Supposed to be Enforced by QReportBuilder?

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    Default Are QBES User Rights Supposed to be Enforced by QReportBuilder?

    I have a user who has only the Sales role in QBES. The QODBC driver is set to use this users login to access QBES. When I refresh all the tables and then browse them via QReportBuilder I can see data in tables QBES will not let this user access (the Check table for instance). yet VBDemo does not return anything for this user when querying this table This user should not see the data in this table no matter what tool he is in. What gives?

    I am using QBES v8 with QODBC v8.00.00.240.



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    Default Re: Are QBES User Rights Supposed to be Enforced by QReportBuilder?


    The QBES data access rules are enforced. I would suggest that you look at the integrated applications form within QB to make sure that it is set properly and that the QODBC connection is using the proper user name to connect to QB.

    These settings would be the same for any other product accessing QB to provide the same security.

    You had mentioned to me off-board that you currently use Crystal. Crystal would require the same settings and would also require a connection to QB anytime that a report was generated.

    One of the advantages of QRB, is that the cached passive link tables require a connection to QB only to refresh. Reports can be run from the cache (or data mart - depending on your semantics) without a connection to QB.
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