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Thread: Data Not Secure When Multiple Users Share One Machine

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    Default Data Not Secure When Multiple Users Share One Machine

    I have a workstation on which several users will be accessing QBES and QRB. Not all these users will have equal security rights. If User A logs on and refreshes data and has only a Sales Role then all he is supposed to see are tables related to his role and (for the most part - see my earlier post) that *is* all he can see.

    If, later that day, User B (who has admin rights in QBES) logs on and does a refresh then that user can see all the data in all the tables. This is as it should be.

    Now comes the issue. If User B logs off and User A logs back on. User A, with only a Sales role in QBES, can now see ALL the data in ALL the tables.

    This is a huge problem. Are there security options in QRB that I have somehow missed?

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    Default Re: Data Not Secure When Multiple Users Share One Machine

    Are you talking about QReportBuilder that is based on Alpha Five V7 or Alpha Five V8?

    In the version that is based on Alpha Five V8, the QRB data is stored in the User's personal space. E.g. on my machine, it is:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Selwyn\My Documents\QReportBuilderData

    If my machine supported different accounts and another user logged on using the 'Al' account name, the data would be in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Al\My Documents\QReportBuilderData

    However, you are you saying that you have several users who all seem to be sharing the SAME windows logon. And as a result of this they are sharing the same QRB data files?

    It seems to me that if each user had their OWN windows logon, then each user would have their OWN QReportBuilderData folder and there would be no security issue.

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