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Thread: QODBC, QBES8, AlphaFive V6 integration

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    Default QODBC, QBES8, AlphaFive V6 integration

    I have an AlphaFiveV6 app using QODBC Enterprise Edition and QBES 8 for server. This app (reads data from QB) was working fine with QODBC Full Version, QBES 6 until the client upgraded his QB POS to the lastest version. Then the ADO commands to read data from QuickBooks stopped working.

    The QODBC Test Connection works, the QODBC VB Demo works and even the ODBC Import Genie in Alpha Five works, but when I copy the import genie Xbasic code to a script file and run the script file, it doesn't work.

    At first I thought the QODBC driver was somehow corrupt, because the app worked fine on my computer at home. But QODBC support said it's fine.

    Since the app stopped working, I went ahead and allowed the client to upgrade his QBES 6 to 8 and we installed the correct QODBC Enterprise Edition. The problem remains though. Then I was thinking AlphaFive somehow became corrupted, until I did further testing on my computer at home. I also upgraded to QBES 8 for SERVER. Now my app doesn't work either. Although I don't have QBPOS installed, I'm now wondering if it has something to do with the server versions of QBES and QBPOS.

    I created 2 trace files - one running odbc_import_table from the import genie, the second running the same command from a script file. I've included the second so you see where the program stops working (although the program never ends, it just hangs and I have to end the process).

    The following is the code that works from the import genie, but not from a script:
    odbc_import_table("ODBC","QuickBooks Data","C:\Documents And Settings\Doublej\My Documents\Instrument Rental Application\qb customers2.dbf","SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER","","")

    The following is the trace file when the program doesn't work:
    Database: .
    DSN: QuickBooks Data
    OpenMode: F
    UseDCOM: N
    IBizRemoteConnection: N
    IBizRemoteURL: http://localhost:2080
    IBizRemoteUserName: admin
    IBizRemoteAskPassword: Y
    IBizRemoteConnectionTimeOut: 120
    IBizRemoteForce2002_2003: N
    IBizOEConnection: N
    IBizOELoginAsk: Y
    IBizReconnectionDelay: 0
    ColumnNameLen: 50
    UseCaseSensitiveRefNumber: Y
    OptimizerOn: N
    OptimizerDBFolder: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\QODBC Driver for QuickBooks\Optimizer
    OptimizerCurrency: C
    OptimizerDirtyReads: N
    OptimizerUpdateSync: N
    OptimizerEncrytionOn: Y
    ShortCircuitOptimizeFields: Y
    UseIterators: Y
    IteratorChunkSize: 500
    IAppLaunchQBUI: N
    IAppAutomaticLogin: Y
    IAppReadOnly: Y
    IAppAllowPersonalData: Y
    ConvertToLongVARCHAR: FALSE
    MaxLONGVARCHAR: 4096
    Convert To LONGVARCHAR: N
    Max LONGVARCHAR: 4096
    OleInitialize - Returned OK
    Logged In User: Owner
    Is a Service: No
    Registration Name:
    QODBC Version:
    DLL: C:\WINDOWS\system32\fqqb32.dll
    Driver Name: FQQB32.DLL
    Process Count: 1
    Thread Count: 0
    OpenMode: Follow Company
    Include Raw: No
    Version Type: QuickBooks Enterprise Read Only Desktop Edition
    Access Method: QBXMLRP2.DLL (IAuth2)
    Thread ID: 2540
    SDK Module: QBXMLRP2.DLL (IAuth2)

    it stops there and doesn't go any further.

    I'd rather not have to upgrade AlphaFive unless it's guaranteed to solve the problem, but what is puzzling me is why it stopped working after the client upgraded his POS and hadn't touched quickbooks enterprise, the qodbc, or alpha.

    I'm submitting to this forum, because it seems to be the most appropriate place to discuss qodbc and integration with quickbooks. Please let me know if this should be somewhere else.

    Janine Freitas

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    Default Re: QODBC, QBES8, AlphaFive V6 integration


    Did the location of the QB company file change after the upgrade of QB?

    Check that the DSN: QuickBooks Data is pointing at the right place.

    I've been trying to contact you after Mark gave me your name, but I'm not being successful. I just replied to your email from the board with my cell number. Call that number please or send me a number that I can call you with.
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