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Thread: can tbl.summarize() be filtered?

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    Default can tbl.summarize() be filtered?

    Relating to my earlier post...
    I'm trying to use tbl.summarize() to get a table that has summary of some fields; it works well when applied to the whole table, but I am trying to get a summary of a filtered table. Here is the code I'm using:
    summarize_db_name = filename_decode("custSummary.DBF")

    dim tbl as p

    tbl ="shipping")
    filter = "PU_week =var->varWeek"
    query.filter = replace_parameters(filter,local_variables())
    query.order = ""
    qry = tbl.query_create()

    ON ERROR GOTO ERROR3011200714052484

    sum.db = summarize_db_name
    sum.db_dd_delete = .F.
    sum.result_overwrite = .F.
    sum.order = "CUSTOMER"
    sum.filter = ""
    sum.options = "I"
    sum.fields = 8
    sum.field1 = "Customer"
    sum.code1 = 0
    sum.field2 = "Customer"
    sum.code2 = 2
    sum.field3 = "Truck_Cost"
    sum.code3 = 1
    sum.field4 = "SELL_PRICE"
    sum.code4 = 1
    sum.field5 = "MARGIN"
    sum.code5 = 1
    sum.field6 = "MARGIN"
    sum.code6 = 5
    sum.field7 = "TOTAL_PCS"
    sum.code7 = 1
    sum.field8 = "TOTAL_WEIGHT"
    sum.code8 = 1


    GOTO CONTINUE3011200714052484
    ui_msg_box("Error","Error running Summarize Operation"+crlf()+error_text_get())
    'Add the table just created by the Summarize operation to the Database..
    problem is, the tbl.summarize still gives me a summary of the whole table, not of the filtered data. How do I filter the data I send to this function?
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    Default Re: can tbl.summarize() be filtered?

    Put your query filter expression in

    sum.filter = ""

    (or you could just say sum.filter = query.filter

    but there is no reason to run the query.

    They are independent.

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