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Thread: Grievance forum

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    Default Grievance forum

    I'm wondering if we need a "User Grievance Forum" so those that want to hijack a thread for personal expression might have a special forum to use:
    Mike W
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    Default Re: Grievance forum

    That would make it even easier to ignore them--am all for that. There is no reasoning with the unreasonable although many here do try in vain. Or another way to put it: It is folly to try to make some see the light when they insist on covering their eyes.

    It wouldn't work though Mike...:( The few that should go to such a forum either would not stay there or would not believe they belonged there in the first place!

    In perspective though, this messageboard has so much less of this than most I have seen that, so far, I have mostly been able to ignore the instigators of threads such as the one you referenced.
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