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Thread: 'Add' button target page and Update button

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    Default 'Add' button target page and Update button

    What are the other options (as far as syntax or expressions) that can be used under the "customization" section of the "detail" besides the default of <Self>?

    For instance after 'Add', I would like to go up to the grid view instead of adding a new blank page - what would I place in there to achieve that?

    Lastly, has anyone figured out how I could add an "update" button that will save what is currently viewed without going back to the grid view (or anywhere else)?

    I have tried several different ways with no success. Especially with a "tabbed" detail view - there are many times that I would like as a safety precaution to hit "update" to save the data to the server without leaving that view.

    It works in 'Add' but no where else.


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    Default Re: 'Add' button target page and Update button

    I have not been able to achieve either of those. The second ons should be possible, but the Close Detail View after Submit check box has NEVER worked -- as in, you can check or uncheck it, it ALWAYS closes the detail page on submit. I've reported/asked about it at least four times with no response.
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