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Thread: Alpha and Sage Accounts

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    Default Alpha and Sage Accounts

    Further to postings on V8 forum I would very much like Alpha to connect to Sage data tables. Sage dominates the UK accounting software market and it greatly disadvantages sales of Alpha that it does not have this ability.

    Bob Whitaker

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    Default Re: Alpha and Sage Accounts

    Hi Bob,

    I would like to second your request, all but one of my customers use sage It would give us here in the UK a edge over our competitors


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    Default Re: Alpha and Sage Accounts

    Ooo Ooo Ooo *refreshes underwear*

    We use Sage Master Builder and I would love to be able to talk to it. Our business is awash in Excel confusion and A5 with Sage would be ideal.

    I closed up my own business and joined forces with a much larger company and we are still seeing what we can do with me. I am plenty busy, but the issue is what is the biggest bang for the buck (or vice versa ;) )

    I just activated one of my A5 seats at my desktop, to set up a few demo's for the folks here. Get that link going I would be very happy.

    I expect it will be next December before I do much, though. I have a ton of field work as in sales and training to do.

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