New Product from Alpha - QReportbuilder Featured on QuickBooks Newsletter

As some you know, we have been working on a new product inspired by Alpha Five for about 2 years.

It is

It will be formally announced later this month and it is designed to be the first QuickBooks Centric Report Writer aimed at letting people build custom reports against QuickBooks Data. (The QuickBooks report writer is fine for standard accounting reports, but does not adress any custom reporting or business analysis or business intelligence needs - thats where QReportbuilder comes in)

We were delighted to see the prominence that Intuit has decided to give it in its January QuickBooks Newsletter

More information on the product follows

• QReportBuilder simplifies reporting: Build the report once in the visual designer; thereafter, run the report anytime on the latest company data.

• QReportBuilder allows you to generate virtually any custom report you can imagine based on your underlying QuickBooks data. Your QuickBooks reports can even combine data with external sources such as Excel, SQL data or MS Access.

• By letting QReportBuiler unlock critical information buried in QuickBooks, you are able to make informed and intelligent business decisions for profitability and growth.

• Why rely exclusively on intuition to make smart decision? By adding QReportBuilder to your toolbox, you can rely on QReportbuilder to give you penetrating insights into your business. In turn these insights will empower you to make smart decisions that are based on up-to-date data.

Examples of Reports that are Easy to Create

• Custom Commissions calculations
• Custom Reports for Tax analysis
• Product Catalogs with Images
• Accounts Receivable Summary adding customer name and address.
• Invoices list based on paid date.
• Invoice With Embedded Statement
• Balance Sheet report modified with the design editor.
• List of bills per vendor, one per page, send to vendors as authorization for credit card payment
• Collections Report modified any way you prefer
• Customers who have no invoices for 30, 60, 90 days etc. (Useful for marketing and sales departments)
• Merge extra data fields (not in QB) from Excel spreadsheet with QB customer data to produce a custom report
• Invoice line items sold by city grouped and subtotal by city
• Mail merge letter sent to customers who have no invoices with “welcome back” coupon.
• Profit By Vendor Item report grouped by vendor
• Reverse Customer Sales Report with address information not found in QuickBooks report.
• Sales and Profit by Rep Name report organized by Sales Rep Name
• Sales Report Standard Reformatted to your needs.
• Bill Items By Class
• Many More Features
• Full featured visual QuickBooks reporting - no more manual custom report creation
• Merge QuickBooks data with data from Excel spreadsheets
• Complete display control with drag-and-drop ease
• Pre-built report formats and data structures - ready to run
• Report Genie creates the report format with one click
• Use filters and columns not available in QuickBooks
• Create reports, custom invoices, mail merge letters, address labels.
• E-mail reports as secure PDF, Microsoft Word, Text or Web HTML formats
• Merge data from multiple companies or reports into one report with ease