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Thread: 'Clear Search' button instead of link?

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    Default 'Clear Search' button instead of link?

    Does anyone know why there doesn't seem to be the ability to add a 'reset' form button to a grid search form? I can do it manually with a dialog component, but I prefer the ease of tying together the search form in the grid builder.

    The only option I have is a "Clear Search" link, which is nice for getting rid of old search data on the screen, but not necessarily what I want. I've tried saving a generated page and manually editing in the button and it works just fine. Anyone able to direct me in how to do this server side?

    Cheesy example picture of the edited in button attached...

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    Default Re: 'Clear Search' button instead of link?

    Me also tried to put the reset button manualy, but i was uable to do that didn't find any option in the properties of the grid, then i enabled the clear search option and its working like reset..

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    Default Re: 'Clear Search' button instead of link?

    Is there a way to replace the “Clear Search” link of a grid with a button, just like a Submit button. In the properties section it only gives option for a “link”.

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